PEM HYST Case Study

Setting up in business was a brave move for Ian Gibbs who had a successful career lecturing at the University of Hull. 

When he decided to set up Professional Energy Management (PEM) joined the Hull Youth Support Trust because he wanted a city centre address and to be part of a community.

The company, which has grown significantly and is ready to spread its wings and leave High Street, is an expert in energy consumption. 

They conduct energy audits and can provide financial savings reduce environmental consequences.

Maisie Gibbs, who works alongside her father in the business, said: “It was important for PEM to have an address that looked professional. It is a lovely location, in a lovely area of the city. But Hull Youth Support Trust is more than a location it is a community of start-ups that feed off each other professionally. It also provides chances to socialise.”

Hull Youth Support Trust also provides business support and advice via the centre’s manager Kerry Mountain-Hewett. This service was invaluable to PEM when Ian Gibbs decided to separate from his business partner. Maisie said: “It was difficult to know how to go about things and it was an anxious time. Kerry helped by putting them in touch with an expert who could make sure everything was done properly.”

Maisie said: “Kerry is really helpful and accommodating, it is a supportive environment to be in.”

HYST tenants are encouraged to stay for two to three years before moving on to make room for newcomers who can benefit from being a part of the start-up community.