The Idea…

What do they do?

Having been a tattoo artist for 15 years, Ivano now works in the House of Wolves. However, with his job taking over his life he has decided to change that, to find an escape from tattooing and to create a work life balance through his artwork.

Why They Started…

Having always been into drawing and realistic tattoos, Ivano realised there was a big gap in the tattoo market. When starting out, tattooing was very traditional, it was different to what it is now and so he brought a different set of skills to the game.

Why Did They Choose Hull Youth Support Trust?

Initially I was looking to possibly relocate the tattoo shop as tattooing is my main focus at the moment, but it was also very important for me to find a space to be creative again. So, after talking to another tenant in the centre, I came to have a look around. I soon realised that I could have a space to do my own thing and focus on my art.