The Business…

What do they do?

Life Changes works by using hypnotherapy to treat a range of issues affecting people’s lives. Achieving life changes all begins with the mind, it is the beginning of the New You!

Why They Started The Business…

Struggling for many years with mental health issues, the founder of Life Changes found a way out through hypnotherapy. It changed his life and so decided to help prevent others from going through what he went through. Training and qualifying, Life Changes Clinical Hypnotherapy was started.

Their Unique Selling Point…

Although Life Changes covers all hypnotherapies, it specialises in mental health issues like stress, anxiety and depression. Because of this, they want to support employers and businesses tackle mental health in the workplace. Aiming to work with SMEs to create a happier, less stressful workplace for their staff at all levels. By reducing stress alone, staff can become happier to be at work, reducing absences which results in greater production and a more profitable business.

Why Did They Choose Hull Youth Support Trust?

I think the ethos here is brilliant, from the support from both HYST and other businesses here helping each other if they can to the reduced rental cost. The decision to be based here was a no brainer. Without these benefits, the whole thing would have been a lot more daunting as I would probably still be at home figuring out how I could make it work.

My primary objective is to help people and that is what it is all about. I’ve made my life changes, now it’s time for yours!