The Business…

What do they do?

With expertise in best practice, legal compliance, CCL rebates and the energy bureau, Professional Energy Management (PEM) can provide financial savings, reduce environmental consequences and create social gain. Professional Mechanical Engineering (PME) which shares the office space, provides mechanical design services including thermal & hydraulic analysis, pipework engineering, structural designs and calculations.

Why they started the business…

Despite not being the youngest starters, both Ian and Neil had gotten to a point in their lives where they had hit a crossroads: continuing working for someone else or having a go themselves. Learning from their experiences, they saw opportunities for a better way of doing things and so they went for it.

Their Unique Selling Point…

PEM benefits from strong technical knowledge and is one of the only energy consultants in the area. With low overheads but a breadth of professional experience PME can offer a wide selection of mechanical engineering design services, with a personal touch to businesses that are looking for competitive and competent alternatives to existing large engineering companies.

Why Did They Choose Hull Youth Support Trust?

We like the building as it has a nice environment and a good feeling to it. In terms of the location, it means there are plenty of places to eat and drink nearby.

PEM has been operating for several years now, establishing a strong client base. With Neil having joined Ian at PME in recent months, there has been an expansion in volume and types of work undertaken. They are on target to achieve their first-year business plan and confident of achieving sufficient turnover to keep them comfortably occupied moving forward.