The Business…

What do they do?

Rooted In Hull is an urban farm in the centre of Hull, promoting good, fresh food in all its many variations as well as promoting mental health and wellbeing.

Why They Started The Business…

In 2013, Hull City Council were concerned about the number of food banks and felt there was something needed in Hull to educate around looking at things a little differently where food was concerned. Rooted In Hull was the solution.

Their Unique Selling Point…

Being a combination of education, community and business has allowed them to stand out as the concept is quite unique in Hull. Now aiming to work with a broad variety of people within these three sectors to get the very best ideas out of there around promoting and looking at the whole question around food. Not only in what we eat but how it is grown.

Why Did They Choose Hull Youth Support Trust?

We needed HYST as we host Hull Food Partnership, the other side of the coin to Rooted In Hull. While we are a very practical, working site, they are more academic and research based and so needed an office. We like the way Hull Youth Support Trust encourage and support new businesses, including ourselves.