The Business…

What do they do?

T Arran Photo focuses on creative, commercial and lifestyle photography. Whilst working with businesses is the main element, bringing in lifestyle photography has meant the opportunity to work with people.

Why They Started The Business…

Having always been self-employed, Tom’s business journey began after the college commissioned a variety of different industry jobs for students to try. Realising there was a world out there where he could work for himself doing what he wanted to do, he jumped at the opportunity.

Their Unique Selling Point…

Working closely with a range of people has meant that commercial photography is so varied, making it harder to stand out. For T Arran Photo, it is their uniqueness in approach and style to the jobs they do.

Why Did They Choose Hull Youth Support Trust?

After working with the council’s youth enterprise team over the years, I was asked to provide a young person’s perspective on bringing London Youth Support Trust to Hull. Sold by the concept, I became the first business in the building.

Since then, I have developed massively, as having an office provided a place where I could re-evaluate what I wanted to do and where I wanted my business to be. A place to concentrate and create a barrier between work and home.