The Business…

What do they do?

VIP Creative are a Hull-based company, creating eye-catching, professional photography and video content to help their clients engage, educate and entertain their target audiences.

Why They Started The Business…

Both VIP Creative’s founder’s stories are different.

For Nathan, he has been a photographer since he was 8 years old, running around the streets with a film camera. And despite giving it up briefly to develop his arts career, he found his way back through Photoshop. Starting a business has provided the added bonus of being able to help others solve problems.

Already doing film production, Mike did not enjoy the restrictions that came with working for someone else as he found his creativity being stifled. After three years, he took the leap to do something himself and VIP Creative was formed.

Their Unique Selling Point…

Their focus is to tell a story, no matter what it is they are trying to sell or get across. They cannot wait to tell your story, getting excited about the prospect is what has helped them become more unique compared to others in the same field.

Why Did They Choose Hull Youth Support Trust?

Truthfully, we found HYST by accident after driving around the town all day. The big thing about moving into this building is that those running the centre really do want to help businesses and that’s what we needed when we first joined. It also helps that there are a diverse mix of businesses in the centre who are all on the same journey, just with different problems. It lessens that burden of loneliness when running a business.