The Business…

What do they do?

Lloyd is a freelance writer of film and television. He is represented by Independent Talent Group and has a TV comedy in development with actor/comedian Tom Davis. He is currently developing several TV pilots as well as a feature length screenplay which he plans to direct. He also works as an aerospace technical author, writing operational manuals for the Typhoon jet.

Why They Started The Business…

Lloyd began writing screenplays as an extension of his life-long love of cinema, going on to get a degree in the subject from Bournemouth University. He enjoys writing character-driven comedy about flawed individuals going to increasingly desperate extremes to achieve their dreams. After a decade of writing in his spare time, many late nights, and more false starts than he'd care to remember, he wrote a screenplay called "Kidnap That Fool" which launched his career and led to him joining Independent Talent Group, Europe's leading talent and literary agency.

Why Did They Choose Hull Youth Support Trust?

After looking at several office spaces, I chose HYST as it was the home of several other media companies and one of the best creative hubs in the city.

With the time and space afforded by having an office, I have been able to produce work more consistently than I have been able to with the distractions of working from home. I enjoy working out of HYST for its friendly atmosphere, the opportunity to network with other tenants, and for its supportive staff.