VIP Creative

VIP Creative has just created a successful campaign for a leading car company. But when Nathan Pidd and Mike Robertson started, they could not have known that their risk to strike out and set up a business would pay off so well. 

They offer photography and corporate videos that tell stories.

Nathan explains: “It felt very daunting when we started out. I had been teaching photography and Mike had been working in video for a private company. We both knew we wanted to give it a go, but it was a big step.”
Nathan says that the step was made easier when they happened upon Hull Youth Support Trust (HYST), which is based in High Street, Hull.

He said: We were driving around wondering about where we could base a studio. We drove past Hull Youth Support Trust, googled it, and straight away knew that it was the right place for us. The rents were low and that made starting out possible and less frightening. We had to take out loans to buy equipment so we didn’t have a lot of money.”

The building was almost full at the time, but Nathan and Mike were offered co-habiting space. Since moving in they have accessed business development support and become important members of the HYST community.

Nathan said:” It’s a creative place to work and a good place to network. Kerry who helps to run the Trust is always ready to listen and help point us in the right direction for business support and guidance and we have other friends in the building.”

VIP Creative has now been able to move into a larger space internally to enable them to take on a member of staff and is preparing to employ someone else as they enter their fourth year in business.

As now established commercial tenants withing HYST, VIP “give back” to our start up community, having experienced first-hand, some of the peaks and the troughs of starting your own business!

On the Location: “I love it, it has good amenities and it’s a beautiful part of town.”

On the Support: “It’s fantastic. I don’t think you’d get this kind of help anywhere else in Hull.”

On the Community: “it’s an artistic community and we thrive in it.”